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How to properly wash and disinfect bedding

Linen gather over time, large amounts of dead skin, dust and microscopic mites. In addition, it absorbs sweat that not only yellows linen fabrics, but also causes bacteria to grow. Hence a simple washing is not always enough to have a perfect bedding, clean and safe for your health. Here’s …

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Essential oils recipes to refresh clothes

If you are tired to spend large amount of money on fabric softeners  that total  changes the flavor when they get on fabric, it not only has to replace them with  essential oils. Choose your favorite flavors and use them every time you do laundry. They do not stain or …

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How to keep towels fluffy and soft

What is the first thing you look take a shower? Of course, the towels with which you remove  the excess water and finish the cleaning process. However, it can spoil your mood if the towel  has an unpleasant odor or if instead of being very fluffy, it scratches your skin. …

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