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Homemade cleaning products. 100% natural

The cleaning products that you can find on the market are not only very expensive but also very toxic. These harms your health and those living in your home, but also the environment. The best solutions are those less harmful that you prepare at home from natural ingredients. Discover which …

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How to properly wash and disinfect bedding

Linen gather over time, large amounts of dead skin, dust and microscopic mites. In addition, it absorbs sweat that not only yellows linen fabrics, but also causes bacteria to grow. Hence a simple washing is not always enough to have a perfect bedding, clean and safe for your health. Here’s …

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How to properly clean the washing machine

The washing machine accumulates after only a few uses, a number of submissions. In addition, it is quite possible that in a very short time, your clothes not to smell fresh at the end of the washing program, and to have different odors. Commercially there are all sorts of products …

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Non-toxic ways to clean the fridge

The refrigerator keeps the food fresh, but beyond that, over time, can develop a number of bacteria that will be expensive to eliminate. However, because¬† refrigerator it’s the subject, it is recommended to clean it without¬† chemicals that can settle on food,only using natural and organic ingredients. To clean your …

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How to clean a leather sofa

Leather sofas are a sign of good taste and sophistication in any home. They are soft and comfortable, but their maintenance is no so easy. Leather couch attract dust and dirt, but if you clean it frequently, without expecting dust, this piece of furniture will look great, longer. Here’s how …

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